quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

BORACEIA, São Paulo North Shore

( Mel Torme, singer )

BRAZIL have one of the huggests seashore on the Earth, thanks to its TransContinental Area ( even without a back door to Pacific Ocean Westbounderies against the rocky Andes ) and his almost 9,000Km of sunny & large, spread beaches are constanntly feeded with Deep Green waters, softly warmed by the Equatorials Air & Oceanic Streams .

All this generosity generate on Brazilians Natives -and a lot of Visitors- a kind of Mutant Inoculation throughout the DNA Helix:

Here, you just obbey some VERY INTERESTING Natural Laws.

Like sazonal & inevitable MASSIVE MIGRATION Eastbound.

Every year, the calls of the Salty Jungle atracts us to There.

No matter how Rich, un-Famous, Annonimous you are: It is a meeting cellebration between You, your semi-naked Body, the HUGENESS of all the Existence around&around&around...

For humans wich surrounds the planetary 23° South Paralel Westbound, the Wonderfull Paradise really exists, in a form of jagged Forestry Mountains covered with massive gigantic trees from Sub-tropical Rain Forests dipping his strong roots in
Atlantic Ocean borders wheres Brazil* at last cool begins.

In this astonnishing scenario, life runs in a happy natural environment, the clockwatchs moves calm, all is blissfull...

EXCEPT for my Cousins, wich I need to transform myself into a Part-Time Quasi-Angry PathFinder BabySitter, YUZ!

Unnafortunnely to them, I am really a so0o Jeallous Guy... :)

*For those who concernned BRASIL is the named color for the live coal effect, kindda deep reddish bright tone, wich the Portuguese Sailors calls the native wood PÁU-BRASIL thanks to vivids fired colors, strong fibers very hard to cut but fine to works out with beauty aesthetics in a hundred million utilities on the ZeitGeist of year 1500 d.C. running by.

This case is unique in tentire World: A word that will soon recognize this new race to be formed all together with the Africans, Indians, lot of Mediterranean, some Setentrional Europeans and even by a ( S U R P R I S E ! ) few SO FINE Southeasterners North-Americans after the U.S. Civil War, my ascendents from Texas, Georgia, Tenessee & Carolinas.

People born here will be knowed soon as ´brazeelay´eerooz´.

Wich means The Ones Wich Works The Pau Brasil Trees.

We receive the name derived from a TREE, tagging a JOB.

We are NOT from a ´Place´ or a´Race´.

Like used to be -and mean- on the rest of peoples on his own Countries across Earth. If in doubts? Just check it out.

By the way this do not turns us Better/Worse than others.

Just different very indeed, so ENJOY US, STRANGERS!


SURFAR É PRECISO ( Viver, não é preciso... ) winter

Contorno da sobrinha, servindo-me de BenchMark... :)

Keep walking, indeed, but loose no the perspective, Yup ?

BORACÉIA in indian Tupy-Gê is ´crowded beach´.

Nossas duas novas Musinhas do Verãozão! QUE POSE!

Dr. Indy Jones, escavando o que já estava por lá...

...ma que mané passear que nada, menina !

Christian Steagall-Condé, Boracéia, Bertioga, Litoral Norte de São Paulo

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